What is General Purpose Concrete Cleaner? On-Crete's General Purpose Concrete Cleaner is biodegradable, environmentally friendly industrial strength concrete cleaner. It is packaged as a concentrate which is then diluted to the desired strength depending on its application area. The General Purpose Concrete Cleaner special formula also includes a commercial grade sterilizer to kill any unwanted bacteria growth in the concrete.


Size: *
  • 5 L
  • 20 L

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Areas to use General Purpose Concrete Cleaner

A small area should be tested to ensure there is no deleterious effect when using the General Purpose Concrete Cleaner. See the below for the recommended dilution rates:

Driveway - 1 Part Cleaner: 10 Parts Water

General Use - 1 Part Cleaner: 20 Parts Water

Floors - 1 Part Cleaner: 20 Parts Water

Fabric Soiled Stains - 1 Part Cleaner: 50 Parts Water

Degreasing - 1 Part Cleaner: 5 Parts Water

Package Size

20 Litre plastic cube.

5 Litre plastic bottle.