What is SV35 Polyurethane? SV35 is a two pack water based polyurethane clear topcoat utilizing the latest available technology. The coating incorporates 100% water based polyurethane technology offering superior toughness combined with superior anti-scratching and abrasion resistance. Designed to be used in coating applications to match solvent based polyurethane. Finish: Gloss


Size: *
  • 10L kit

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Areas to use SV35 Polyurethane

Floors including retail, domestic and commercial application. Typically used as a finish coat over epoxy coatings on concrete substrates. Suitable for medium to high trafficable pathways, driveways car parks.


  • Easy to apply
  • Non-Yellowing clear finish
  • Low odour
  • Water Base
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Excellent Toughness
  • Durable
  • Good early hardness
  • Oil Resistant
  • Available Tinted